Pack Searchers

If you follow the twitter link, you will see a picture of a pack searcher at Target. These guys disgust me. As someone who lives in a city without a card shop, Target and WalMart is sometimes my only option if I want a card fix. Pack searchers kill the fun out of the hobby. We live in a time where card shops are so few and far between that the average person sometimes lacks access to a card shop. A card shop that he/she can go to where at least someone would frown on pack searchers. The bad part is, that very rarely will you get a collector who works at Target/WalMart and is aware that this goes on. I could go on and on about how pack searchers are awful. Everyone has a story of pack searchers. I will share some of the times that I one upped them at Target:

Sometimes these people come in and don’t even have money to pay for the cards. I once witnessed one guy pick out 8 packs and hide them. Joke was on him because I found where he hid them and bought all the packs. I didn’t get anything special but it did make my day opening 8 straight packs with hits.

A little off topic but a Target story so I will share. You know those packs that are 99 cents? Well I bought one of those one day and pulled an autograph of a future Hall of Famer. Pack searchers don’t touch those. That is the beauty of cards and the hobby.
Something like this happened to me yesterday. I bought 2 packs of 09 cards in the clearance section of WalMart and pulled a Tom Seaver auto. I paid 3 dollars combined for those 2 packs. It is not like I bought out the stock either time; I probably spent 8 dollars on packs combined with those 2 purchases that I just talked about. I may be frustrated with the hobby but moments like that are why I can’t quit it, even if their was an almost 10 year gap between these events.

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