Mystery Packs, more like Misery Packs

Mystery packs are the biggest joke in the card game. Everyone who buys packs has probably bought at least one. The idea of 2 hits for 10 dollars or any price is tempting. However what you get in return is cards where the person behind the misery pack was just trying to get rid of to begin with. That is fine if the players are decent. The players are never decent though. 99% of the time, the players you get are those that are retired. You don’t even get the players who retired on their own, you get those who are not retired by choice. That amount to getting an event used card from a draft pick who was cut 3 years ago. If you are lucky, you will get an auto of that player. You will never get a patch or a hall of famer. If you do, it is because you paid for a high end misery pack. Most high end mystery packs are the price of a box of cards though. Now we are getting into the territory of SBay and that is a ‘super box’ or Topps or Upper Deck products that only carry a few cards. Personally, I would rather pay a little more if I had the money for one of those products than a ‘misery pack.’ Here is why, anything going in a misery pack is guaranteed to be something the person making them can’t sell on their own.

There are some people who do mystery packs right. I have yet to see one online and after years of collecting will never buy one online because the people currently selling them have killed my faith in them.

I will be honest, I wrote this post because I bought one a while ago and found out several people were scammed from the person. The person was selling misery packs on Twitter and I got suckered. I deserve the misfortune that I got. The person selling them disappeared from twitter for 5 months and randomly sent me a message. During that time Twitter disappearance which was clearly the result of bad ethics, many people tried to reach out to this person because they were scammed. He did worse than he did to me. I was shocked when the account reached out to me and said they fired the person behind it. I don’t buy it and really hope that person stops scamming people.