Welcome to the dot com

As you can see, I made the plunge and bought angrycardcollector.com. When I wrote the letter, I wasn’t expecting to start a blog. I posted a few things venting about the industry but they were not consistent. What has been consistent in the time since I wrote the letter is me becoming a part of the online collecting community. Twitter has helped the community in a different way. I am still a small fish in that community but I would like to become a bigger fish. A lot of that is because I do not give away cards for the sake of gaining followers. If you follow me on Twitter, I want it to be because you like this blog or like me; I don’t need followers who freeload. That said, a lot of these people who run those contests are good people. They are an important part of the community. A lot of them do more than just post contest. I would like to highlight them on here.

I may be frustrated with collecting but the fact is: I won’t quit collecting; so I figured I may as well document my exploits in collecting in the process. I keep saying that I am a minnow, swimming with sharks in this community. Minnows never get any love so I am taking upon myself to tell our story; yes our story. I know that there are a lot of us who have been pushed aside by the card community because we don’t come in with our pockets full of gold. What people fail to realize is that we are the ones who keep coming back because we love the hobby. I just want to make sure that there is a hobby that I can come back to.

Welcome to AngryCardCollector.com,

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