Bid Board Finds #1

Right next to my college campus is a card shop. It has an amazing bid board that is perfect for a low end collector like myself. Nothing fancy but tons of good stuff. School is not in session so I won’t post a lot of these, as I won’t be able to regularly stop in there. I went out of my way because if I had winnings, I didn’t want to lose them as the bid board rules are that you must pay before 2 weeks is up.
Today’s haul:
– a 1954 Topps Gair Allie in beat up condition but that is to be expected for a card of this age
– HIT Allen Hurns autograph
– SAGE Brian Leonard autograph
– National Treasures Chimdi Chekwa autograph
Total cost: $4.50. Over half of that was for the 1954 card as the owner has been posting a lot of vintage and I wanted one. I don’t know what any of the cards are worth or if any of the players besides Allen Hurns are good but I really don’t care. I looked at them as lottery tickets anyway. I always bid on the autographs on the board that are under a dollar, and occasionally I get some. I am happy because I basically paid the cost of a single pack of cards and got all of this.


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