Thanks MLBPA Players Choice

June 12, 2015 § Leave a comment

You know those contests on Twitter where you ‘retweet’ to win something that you know that you will never get. Well this is the story of how I won, one of those contests. A few months ago, I was having a really bad day. I suffer from anxiety and depression. Some days are better than others. This was one of those extreme days where I had to put everything on hold and say ‘I need a time out for a little bit.’ So I did something that no one can get away with in this day and age of technology, I turned my phone off and didn’t go on my computer. I watched Netflix while I studied until it was time to get my nephews from school. It was in the car waiting for them at around 1:30 and a little bored. Consequently I finally turned my phone on. My phone blew up with notifications. This wasn’t normal, as I don’t get a lot of messages. It was all people congratulating me on winning a contest. I won a beautiful signed Clay Bucholz jersey. As a low end collector, I own only one other autographed jersey and it is that of an NBA journeyman that I paid $12 for; so this was a nice surprise.

They didn’t say which jersey that I was getting until I won it, but I was so happy that it was Clay Bucholz. He is one of those of those player who I accidentally started collecting. The type of collection where you suddenly look one day and go ‘I sure have a lot of his stuff,’ so you actually start collecting more of that player.

With depression you need every win that you can get. This wasn’t just a win, this was like adding a championship. It was great. The package arrived within 2 days and I waited about a month to open it for when I was having another bad day. Below are the pictures. I would like to thank MLB Players Choice again and I suggest following them@MLBPAClubhouse. I regret not posting the pictures on my Twitter earlier.



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