Danger of Plain White Envelopes

Plain White Envelope Danger-Daniel DuBay
Plain White Envelope Danger-Daniel DuBay

As a card collector on a budget, I personally never minded plain white envelopes. I knew that cards could get damaged but I have never been one to be anal about the condition of cards. I can handle a small ding here and there if it means that I get an awesome card for my personal collection at a good price. As a college student on a limited income, I know that cards are excess so I can’t spend a ton of money when I do buy them. The $2 to $4 difference that most sellers give you for shipping cards in plain white envelopes-from now on referred to as PWEs- has always been helpful because little things like that are the difference between eating at Taco Bell after class or eating the better food on campus. I always thought that people that complained were a little obnoxious about it, until something happened to me. (No, I am not referring to the people who charge you $2 to $4 for shipping and still send you card to you in a PWE. There is a special place in hell for those people.)
As you can see from the picture, my opinions were about to be changed. That is the picture of a PWE that was supposed to have a card that I paid for. The card was missing because the envelope got so damaged during the shipping process. Thankfully the seller refunded my money when I sent him the picture, all $2 of it for a Greg Monroe jersey card.

This got me thinking, what can be done if you ship a card in a PWE. (Full disclosure, when I run contests in the near future, I will be shipping the cards in a PWE, unless the winner wants to pay for a bubble mailer.) In the past, I always wrapped the cards in a piece of paper but I know that is not enough. The best answer that I could come up with, would be to wrap the majority of the envelope in clear tape. This would allow for the address area to be still be legible and you can make it not get in the way of machines reading the stamp. If anyone has a better way to improve shipping in PWEs, I am all ears and would love to hear suggestions-snarky comments about well just use a bubble mailer will be ignored.

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