This is what’s great about the hobby #3

Contest is now over

Today’s contest win, highlights a mini lot that I won on Twitter from @markscards20150727_124632This marks the second straight contest that I received an Adrian Beltre numbered card. The reason why I entered this contest, besides the fact that I didn’t own any numbered mini numbered cards, was because of the mini Jose Bautista jersey. It is a beautiful card. If companies are going to give smaller swatches, mini cards are the way to go for them because the size doesn’t take away from the card. The 3 Larry Walker cards are simply a toss in because he is an awesome guy. Thanks Mark.

20150727_124811As stated, I will show a card that will be in the current giveaway lot for this site. Today’s is a Chris Johnson numbered out of 2012. As stated, comment for an additional entry.

2 thoughts on “This is what’s great about the hobby #3

  1. Good call about minis and jerseys. Makes the small patches look less small…sounds bad, but u know what I mean.

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