This is what’s great about the hobby #5

Contest is now over

Just a reminder, you can comment with your Twitter handle or email address on ‘This is what’s great about the hobby 2-7′ to be entered into the contest.

Today’s highlight is a quad card from Derek Carr that I got from Curtis at We The People.

20150729_115025I am ecstatic to add this to my collection. As a small time collector, I don’t own many quad pieces. This is probably my first of a starting quarterback.

Judging by all of these contest wins that I am posting, it may look like I enter a lot of Twitter contests. Truth is, while I do enter some, I don’t enter a lot. I see people entering every contest that comes across their timeline. That is not me. Since I started the AngryCardCollector Twitter account, I don’t enter that many on my personal account unless I already follow the person. I only enter contests where it is something that I would buy normally, or is a product that I am thinking about buying. I never enter with multiple accounts. While the internet lacks etiquette, I believe in personally having some. The content that I am posting is in entries 2-7 is because luck was insanely on my side. I am talking about buying a lotto ticket luck, as I won anywhere from 40% – 70% of the contests I entered; so you can see absurd luck I have had. I am forever thankful.

Today’s further peak at the contest:
20150729_115137For the record, that is a Broncos sticker, not card.
And because I am happy that the Dodgers acquired Mat Latos, I am adding more: 20150729_115206

As always comment with your Twitter handle or email address for an entry.

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