This is what’s great about the hobby #6

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Just a reminder, you can comment with your Twitter handle or email address on ‘This is what’s great about the hobby 2-7′ to be entered into the contest.

This highlight is from a Twitter contest win from @AwesomeHotPacks a.k.a. BTB Hot Packs. I won one of their 100 chase packs that they put together. They were selling these for $8.99.


They advertised that these included an autograph, relic card, and a handful of extra cards. I got a Cole Green autograph, Jorge Soler coin, and a Devin Mesoraco card numbered to 2014 in the extra cards. I am a fan of the coins especially in this case. I would rather get a cool looking Cubs coin than a generic fabric swatch of a prospect. Even if Soler busts out, it is still a great coin. My favorite card is a dual draft pick card from the Southern California teams. As someone from Los Angeles, it is a huge pet peeve of mine when people say the Los Angeles Angeles. The card does not say Los Angeles Angels. Very tasteful in my opinion. It may be in their name but they are not from Los Angeles. Angels fans and Dodgers fan are different. There is a county line. It takes 45 minutes to an hour to get to Anaheim from Los Angeles, so they do not cheer for the same team. They could be called the Calgary Angels of Anaheim and it would mean the same thing.

Contest highlight of the day:
Only one more day to enter, so don’t forget to comment with your email or Twitter handle for a chance.

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