Bid Board Finds #2

The other day I had to make a trek to school to take care of some business. As much as it sucks to go to school because I was on vacation, it meant that I was able to step in to the card shop nearby and see if I had anything to pick up off their bid board.
I won 2 cards for a grand total of: $3.60


$3 for an Archie Bradley autograph and 60 cents for a Lamar Miller 3 color patch that was numbered to 25. I really wanted the Bradley card as he is a strong armed prospect who I believe in.
The cheap patch brings me to a rant that I have been dying to cover. For a while, I have believed that the market is being flooded with patch cards. This is especially true with football which has the rookie symposium that gives card companies a chance to get cards signed and event worn from prospects. I remember when patch cards for horrible players went for at least $10 bucks. Today those cards go for nothing on Ebay. Lamar Miller is better than your average fringe player. This is a guy who is pretty much guaranteed to be a someones roster come opening day even if the Dolphins cut him; but this is a guy who’s patch went for 60 cents. 60 cents! That is Devier Posey and Joe Adams cheap. Those are guys who are lucky to even sniff a special teams rep. The market for patches must be bottoming out soon because I doubt this is an anomaly. I hate seeing high priced boxes with guaranteed even worn patches. Those are almost meaningless to me. Do they give a guy a jersey just covered in patches? It certainly feels that way. Does the player put the shirt on for a second and then immediately take it off to move onto the next one? The patch market is so flooded, I would rather get an autograph because at least then a player put some effort into it.


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