Blaster Box Review #1: Panini Elite Baseball 2015

With hobby shops dying, it is clear that blaster boxes are rising in popularity. That said, I am not a fan. Blaster boxes are still retail packs. The only positive that I see with them, is they keep the pack searchers at bay-well unless you have a retail experience like I had recently and pack searchers squeezed the boxes so much that the majority of blaster boxes were ruined. I hate the odds of retail packs. I don’t trust the quality of cards in retail packs either. Sure the hit of my life came in a retail pack, but that is 1 retail hit out of about a hundred hits.

So why did I take the plunge and buy a blaster box recently? Well the truth is, it was a mixture of circumstances. I was looking for a blaster box to review for this site, and more importantly my friend gave me a gift card for driving him to a party. I wasn’t going to hang around the city any longer than I needed to but as I was dropping my buddy off, I saw a cop walking up to the house. I wanted to stay close to the house in case the party got shut down so I went to a nearby Target.

The product was an easy choice for me. I loved every Donruss baseball product back in the early 2000s. Donruss Elite was one of my favorite products ever. I chose Panini Elite baseball. I wasn’t expecting much because it seemed like a higher end product.
The pulls:

The product was a good majority of inserts and rookies. I have only seen 2 other reviews for this product and both and ‘hits’ in them. Both boxes were very similar to mine with a numbered card and relic included in the box. As a Dodgers fan, I loathe the Giants but that doesn’t mean I am not happy with my pull: a beautiful dual bat card of Hunter Pence & Buster Posey.
Unfortunately if these are anything like the Donruss product that they are trying to replicate, they do not age well. Even when covered in sleeves and top loaders, these cards scratch very easily.

Overall, I happy with the product. I would buy it again.

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