Random Review

The other day I had a CT scan and needed to reward myself for the mind bender that came with it. With no card shop in my city, I did what many others do: I hit Target. I was ready and willing to spend $20 on a blaster box but I didn’t see anything that would give me a hit that made me smile. I almost walked away empty handed but forced myself to buy something. This was the one day where my budget didn’t matter because it was a draining day, do you know how much special juice you have to drink in preparation for CT scans? It is a lot. I ended up going cheap. Since the Fairfield Company treated me so good with their customer service, I went with two of their products:

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The basketball product was a huge dud. I did pull a proof from one of the packs but that was as exciting as it got. The 50 cards were from an era where they were over produced, so it took the excitement out of the Bird and Mullen cards. The bonus was an Antoine Walker rookie. If you ask me, that is just laziness. They could have done better than a card I recently saw in the dime bin- at least give me a dollar bin card. The verdict for the basketball bundle-should have paid the extra $3 for the one with packs and guaranteed hit.

The other bundle did its job.

I got very lucky. I am a Dodgers fan and was holding out hope that I would pull one Dodger. I got 2, even if one was Matt Kemp, a current Padre. I have never opened baseball mini figure packs. It felt weird to me that one was in plastic wrap and the other was loose in both packs. I wonder what the reasoning is for that? The pack was of course Triple Play, which you can’t giveaway. I walked away with a glow in the dark mini figure and gold foil poker chip.  I probably won’t buy this product again but it was definitely worth the one off buy. At $5, I would’ve been happy even without the Dodger pulls.

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