Random Review: Cheap Hobby Box #1

A few weeks ago my favorite hobby shop posted about a sale for a hobby box that I could actually afford to buy from them. I had a credit card gift card from coaching my nephews baseball team and finally found an excuse to use it. I sat on the box for about a month before I opened it to celebrate a recent event in my life.

At $40, 2013 Panini Totally Certified is a hobby box a lot of budget collectors can afford. On top of that it has 6 hits per box. The only caveat is the absurdly awful draft class behind the product.


 (Pardon my hand in the picture. My Kindle  has an odd camera placement.)

So lets get cracking.


IMG_20150915_161927_hdr IMG_20150915_161943_hdrIMG_20150915_161951_hdr

This box would’ve been great if it was 2013 but this is 2015 and hindsight is 20/20.
The autographs were
Margus Hunt – numbered to 10
Kenny Vaccaro – numbered to 499
Matt Elam – numbered to 499

The jerseys were
Dion Jordan – numbered to 299
Donald Brown – numbered to 99
Brandon Weeden – numbered to 299

Also a Justin Hunter rookie numbered to 99.

I can’t complain at all about the jerseys that I got. Sure, I wish that at least one was a patch but I genuinely like 2 of the players. Donald Brown went Connecticut and Brand Weeden was a Dodgers prospect. Those are 2 cards that have true personal collection value for me. Hunt was a golden boy on the show ‘Hard Knocks’ when they had the Bengals on the show, as they painted him as someone who the Bengals hoped would be like J.J. Watt.
I really liked the Thanksgiving cards in the set. Those were fun to go through.

Overall – With a draft class that sucked, I feel that I did pretty good. I am sure that there were better hits in the case but this is far from a dud.  You can probably do better if you are looking for a cheap hobby box but I have no qualms about recommending it as long as you can get it for under $50. It was clear that Panini really tried with this product; they couldn’t help that the draft class was a stinker. There is still time for the class to turn around. http://www.dacardworld.com/sports-cards/2013-panini-totally-certified-football-hobby-box

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