Random Review: 2014 RS Longevity

I got lucky and won 2nd prize in one of the NFL pick-em contest over at Steel City Collectibles. See it does take skill to win stuff sometimes. This was actually my 3rd win in as many NFL seasons and I usually get a blaster box as a prize, so I wasn’t expecting anything special. I received the box after week 1 and it promptly sat on my desk until this week when I rewarded myself after writing a mind numbing 5 page paper for one of my classes – who am I kidding, I love writing papers, no joke. The box had a sticker that said ‘Target exclusive’ on it so I wasn’t expecting anything.


 You can find a low quality video of me breaking it on the Angry Card Collector Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/angrycardcollector. I probably won’t do many more videos because I didn’t like how it came out, and I am a not a fan of seeing myself on camera.

The box had a good mix of rookies and parallels. I ended up with 4 hits, one of which is my best hit in a very very long time.

20151009_143515 20151009_143338

Yes that is an Odell Beckham Jr. autograph – numbered to 42 out of 99.


I am of few words in this ‘review’ because I can’t believe my Luck. Overall, this is one of the better products that I have opened in a while – autograph notwithstanding. I liked how the rookie cards were clearly different than the veteran cards. The colors in the base cards really stood out. I even liked the design of the basic relic cards. I am not a fan of any of the players but I’ll keep the cards in my personal collection because they look so darn nice.
As for the Odell Beckham card, I am not sure what I will do with it yet. He is not a player who I collect. I might be open to a trade for a Kobe, Shaq, or even Cam Newton (and candy) autograph but I will probably sit on the card because it is so rare that I get a good hit like this. It is probably more worthwhile to me to keep the card because of the good emotions that it will bring. That said, if you are willing to overpay me for it, I am all ears.

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