Bid Board Finds #5

I have groaned in past posts about how I am bidding on bad days because of my schedule, so when the owner said he had 6 cards for me I was surprised. When my total was only $2, I was even more surprised.


I knew that I was bidding on junk players so I won a lot of these with quarter bids. It was worth the flier and learning about the player to me.

Sherrod Gideon – drafted by Saints in 2000, never played a down in the NFL
Anthony Lucas – card #ed to 999 – Green Bay Packers 4th rounder in 2000, like Gideon so obscure that he doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page
Ja’Mar Toombs – card #ed to 400 – played 3 non consecutive years in Arena Football, appeared to leave college early for the NFL but I can’t find proof that he ever made it to the NFL so obviously not even relevant enough to have a Wikipedia page
Brian Allen – Rams 3rd rounder in 2001, taken by Texans in expansion draft, peaked as a Panthers special teamer after failing to make Texans. So cool a PC hit. I have to be honest, he was a Panther at my peak fandom and the name doesn’t ring a bell.
Victor Harris – card #ed to 199- Eagles 5th rounder in 2009, played a few games in Washington, currently doing good in the CFL
Jason White – Heisman Trophy winner, notable for being undrafted (and not on purpose like Charlie Ward), PC hit because he was a threat to Los Angeles’ last great football team: Reggie Bush and Pete Carroll’s Trojans


You could do worse for $2. It is cheaper than a pack of cards and I got 2 PC hits. This shows the nasty side of cards as the poor guy who put these cards on the bid board put a lot more money into it than me. The toploaders are probably worth more than some of the cards.
I don’t feel like I wasted my money because you have to understand that for these guys to even have autographs in a set, they must have been pretty good. If the average senior class for every college football team graduates 10 students a year, and of those a handful are prospects. The odds say that you are getting a special college player, even if his pro career didn’t pan out.
I wasn’t joking about like the Jason White card. If I had it my way I would have numerous autographs of every Heisman winner. It is the best individual trophy in sports.

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