As I stated, I finished college. I just want to take the time say that anyone who is thinking about going should go. I am going to take a break from cards and tell you a few things that I wish that I would have gotten through my head about college. If you did graduate already then accept a belated congratulations on my part and wait until the next entry. But for those that haven’t then keep reading.

I committed when I was 24 to get my degree and came out with it at 30. I messed around my first year to get my feet wet. After that, I wasn’t sure what major I wanted. This is why it took me a while to get through my Freshmen and Sophomore year. If you know what major you want then you are set. If you get your classes, you could fly through college and get your Bachelors in 3 years. Some people have college built up in their head to be this big mountain that is impossible to climb. I am not going to lie, that was me. When I started though, something amazing happened. I loved it and asked myself: ‘What took so long to go, you idiot?’


Don’t worry if you can’t handle a certain subject. Sure if you suck at math then the class will be hard; but as long as that is not your major, you could get through without killing your GPA. If it is hard for you to write papers, then you will struggle at first. After a while though papers become second nature to you because every class requires them. I could write a 3 page paper in minutes now; it’s all double spaced anyway in college. Here is a big secret, a lot of Professors care about content over style anyway. I saw a lot of people get by because they had substance to their writing but lacked style – IE. punctuation, grammar, and in bad cases even spelling. In my junior year I remember reading a paper written by a graduating senior that was absolute garbage in the style area but it had substance and was detailed. He did well in that class. Here is a huge secret, if you want to succeed in college then you have no excuse for not succeeding. If you participate in class, do your work, and don’t piss off the Professor then it is really hard to fail. I was an over-achiever in college for this very reason. If after all of that you are still struggling, then there are so many free services to use to help you on campus.  It doesn’t take as much time as you would think to put in a little extra effort.
I met a lot of cool people in college. I am not going to lie, I can be an introvert at times thanks to my PTSD but I made a lot of friends in spite of that. It is kind of hard not to in college. Professors seem to love group projects. I met so many cool people thanks to these. I wasn’t expecting to make a best friend in college but I did; and the best part he lives in Denmark. We are so close that even though he left 3 or 4 years ago to go back to Denmark that I have seen him multiple times since and talk to him several times a week.

There are classes for ever interest. Among the classes that I took for actual college credit: Comics, Script-Writing, Genetics, Automotive, Deviance, Legal Argumentation, Queer Studies, and Ballroom Dancing. My Comics class was a senior level English class. I put Legal Argumentation in here and many other law classes because for some reason I excelled in them. College un-taps things in you that you didn’t think were possible. I took so many pre-law classes and can probably go to Law School if I want. I am not someone who you would expect to take dance classes but I took 3. I am not going to lie, I am still not a good dancer but I loved those classes. After seeing Queer Studies, you may be thinking that I am homosexual but I am not. Do you know how many heterosexual men take dance classes? In my Modern Dance class, which was a class of 40, there were 3 straight guys and 1 of them didn’t even finish the semester. I will be honest, I was too focused on trying to not embarrass myself in that class to enjoy all of the girls but looking back it was pretty cool.

The point is: college is awesome. If you are thinking about going then just do it. I can’t speak on if I am going to get a great high paying job because of college yet but I wouldn’t take back the past few years.

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