Random Review: Totally Certified Basketball, Christmas Present

It’s New Years Eve and I just now opened one of the two boxes that I got for Christmas. As I stated, I have pretty good will power and waited until I had a hunger to open a box.
I opened my Panini Totally Certified 2013/2014 box. It had 6 packs with a hit in each pack. The price point wasn’t too bad as I bought the box for $50 from Valley Sports Cards – no they don’t sponsor the site, I just love namedropping them when I can because of how awesome they are. This is actually my second foray with Totally Certified as the very first Random Review that I ever did was the football version of the same year – found here. I was underwhelmed with that box but I chalked it up to a poor rookie class; plus at my price range, I don’t really have many options when I go into the store. I am a basketball collector anyway so I didn’t mind taking a chance.


The first pack that I opened had a damaged card in it and I was pretty disappointed. Fortunately it was a common so I really didn’t care. In the pictures, it is the Nicolas Batum card with a worn bottom. Every card after that was in great condition.
The numbered card in this box was a Gerald Wallace to 99. I actually don’t mind that because Wallace is my boy.
The rookies were extremely underwhelming. Tony Snell, Tony Mitchell, Carrick Felix, and Robert Covington do nothing for me. You can’t blame Panini for this as they can’t predict who hits and who misses rookie wise.

For the most part. all of my hits but two of the autographs were true PC items. 2 of the hits were pretty beautiful. The hits:
Marcin Gortat jersey
Maurice Harkless autograph – non PC
Mickael Pietrus autograph – non PC, only because I seem to have so many
Marcus Camby jersey
Kelly Olynyk acetate autograph #ed to 199 – already had a lot of fingerprints on it. I wonder if they are Olynyk’s; if they are I think that is pretty cool.
Steve Novak patched #ed to 5 – okay it’s Steve Novak but a nice patch is a nice patch. This is a 4 colored beauty, plus it was actually worn in a game unlike all of the football patches flooding the market.

Overall, I really enjoyed this box. The players were nothing special but I didn’t buy this box for the great hit. I bought this box to have fun opening it. I got what I wanted and then some. I know that I was lucky to pull a patch so I can’t complain. I have seen boxes of these that were huge duds. If I magically get another $50 to spend at the card shop soon, I would definitely buy this box again.





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