Happy New Year

I wanted to make my first entry of the year a positive one. I started this site because I was so fed up with the industry but couldn’t turn away because I love the hobby too much. I encountered a lot of rude people in the hobby and didn’t feel like there was a place for a small budget collector like myself. While I still feel like the card companies have a long way to come, I feel that the people in the hobby do not. I was used to be treated like dirt by others in the hobby, and while that is still the case at times, I am gradually moving to a place where I have more positivity about it. I have more faith in collectors but am losing faith in the companies. I get that it is tough to survive but I really question if they truly appreciate their fans like they say they do. It feels like companies care more about the case breakers and high end collector than average Joe collector.

As for what’s next with this site, I don’t know. I plan to post content once a week and do giveaways when I can. As I have stated, I just finished college a few weeks ago and don’t know what my future holds. Obviously I would like to have a steady high paying job that becomes my primary focus before I start a family. In the meantime, I would like to grow the site and have no plans of slowing down. In a perfect world, the site would get the attention of companies so I can review products and thus have more content, and even giveaways, to provide you readers. I plan on doing this site as long as I buy cards.

It’s going to be a great new year. I wish everyone a great year.
-Daniel DuBay

PS: I promise that you will see cards in the next post.

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