Random Review: Panini Innovation 12/13


This is the second of my two boxes from my post Christmas gift card cash in. I finally opened the box last night and it has taken me that much time to develop a true opinion of it. Lets run down my hits before I delve in:

8 cards per pack, 1 pack per box. 2 autographs and 1 game used

The cards:
2 base cards: Evan Turner and Tyson Chandler
Allen Iverson Innovators
Manu Ginobili stained glass (well plastic) – by far my favorite card in the box
Andrew Nicholson rookie #ed to 349
Kevin Murphy rookie autograph
Greg Monroe Fine Print autograph
Andre Drummond Authentic Material rookie card #ed to 199


I have so many mixed feelings about this box. My Mom is from Detroit so getting the Pistons two best players from the last few seasons should make me ecstatic. Even with Greg Monroe leaving, he is still with a team that I don’t hate. I should be excited about the Greg Monroe autograph but I could care less about it. Andre Drummond is probably my favorite current player but its an event worn swatch. Even with the Murphy autograph being a dud, this should still be a great box because 2 of 3 hits are pretty good. Murphy flushed out of the NBA so bad that he is currently playing in Japan.

This is the first box where I am a bigger fan of the non-autograph and game/event worn cards. I love the stained glass Ginobili card and the Nicholson rookie was a pretty good looking card. With how nice the non hits are, the bland design on the hits was a let down. Even the base cards are tick and will hold up nicely over time.

It took me a while to pinpoint my issue with this box but it is a very simple issue: the one pack robbed me of all the excitement. Opening a box with ten packs is like opening eleven Christmas presents. This box robbed me of that; that is the only reason why I don’t like it. This was actually a consideration when I bought the box but as a low budget collector, I never get to open high end products.

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