Random Review: Another Fairfield Target product

I wasn’t planning on buying this product but when I was in the Target card section, it was pretty obvious that their was a hit in it; I think. I posted a poll on my Twitter @angryccollector (not the 2 c’s) asking if it was actually a hit. I have learned that if it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t- even if you are getting a hit that isn’t worth the price of the box. Combined with the possible hit, I was in the mood for some old school cards. Football season is winding down so I am trying to get in a basketball mindset anyway.

This product was a ‘Jumbo Box’ for $5.99 with 1 in 4 having a hit.

I was surprised that the hit was so obvious. Maybe they should put the hit in the back.

Overall it is probably not worth the money but I did enjoy the box. I will admit that If I was in a different mood then I wouldn’t be happy. You could do worse cards for the 90s. The hit sucked but it was Black Gold and Fairfield, two words that never go together. I would like to hear stories of them giving out good relic cards.

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