My Wish List

After I won the Tommy Lasorda autographed baseball, it got me thinking: what autographs do I want? I put together the following list and am curious how many I can cross off by the end of the year.
Making this list has a few benefits. It will force me to be narrow minded and thus more budget friendly when I do buy cards. This won’t stop me from grabbing amazing deals, perhaps as trade-bait for a list item, but it will give me a focus. With the exception of my Prestige collection, bid boards, and boxes/packs, I have little intention to deviate from it.
I have broke it up into several sections. The top is cards that are attainable given my budget constraints. The bottom is dream autographs that are probably unattainable to me. I have been known to surprise myself and get a few of these items: for example players like Joe Montana, Joe Namath, Jerry Rice, and Steve Young are the most prized items in my collection; the 49ers I just named would easily top my unattainable list. The list is also heavy on my favorite teams and locals: so you will see a lot of players with SoCal, specifically San Fernando Valley ties, Dodgers, Carolina Panthers, and Connecticut Huskies. I also love collecting coaches.


Andre Drummond – UCONN player
Marc Gasol
Nick Van Exel
Randy Foye
Josh Shipp – former UCLA star
Charlie Ward – Heisman winner and decent NBA point guard, how could I not want his autograph?
Jeff Green
Danny Ainge
Dino Radja – former Celtic, falls in line with my enjoyment of collecting Euro stars

Jamal Anderson – the Dirty Bird, he actually graduated high school with my sister
Michael Oher
DJ Hackett – CSUN (I can call it my alma mater now) dissolved it’s football team about 15 years ago and DJ was the last Matador who made it to the NFL & Panther
Gino Torretta – Heisman winner. As a kid, he was the first college player who I idolized.
Ted Ginn – gotta be honest, a player that I hated until he became a Panther
Brandon Weeden – for Dodgers prospect
Ron Rivera
Ryan Tannehil
Jeff Fisher – he went to high school at Taft in Woodland Hills, my high school’s rival
Marvin Jones
Jason Pierre Paul – went to the community college that I graduated from
Jim Everett – and I want him to sign it Chris Everett
Troy Nolan – apparently I went to high school with him, Texans draft class 2009
David Carter – Bears vegan, I know 90% of you just rolled your eyes at this
any Panthers player 2010
Flipper Anderson
Brandon Mebane
Daryl Talley
Jeff Hostetler

Bret the Hitman Hart
Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson – the last 3 are former PWG guys who I saw live and are not huge stars.
El Generico/Sami Zahn
Seth Rollins/Tyler Black

Hyun-Jin Ryu
Adam Laroche – we share the same birthday
Tim Wallach
John Olerud

Zdeno Chara
Frederik Andersen x2 – x2 means that I want 2 autographs. You will notice that all of these players with that are born in Denmark and that is because my best friend is from there so I want one for him as well
Brendan Shanahan
Janik Hansen x2
Lars Eller x 2

And now for the possibly unattainable:
Vin Scully
Cam Newton
Kobe Bryant
Ronald Reagan
Wayne Gretzky
Bill Walsh
Jim Calhoun
Emmitt Smith

Probably attainable if I put my mind to it and do a thorough search:
Jeff Kent
Jonathan Quick
Daryl Suter
Mike Piazza
John Elway
Howie Long
George Seifert

Would be cool to have but I can live without:
Prince Fielder
Sparky Anderson
Sedin Twins
Barry Melrose
Triple H
John Smoltz
Drew Doughty
Rickey Henderson
Dan Marino
Tim Brown
Kurt Angle

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