A little wrestling tangent & This is what’s great about the hobby

The Panthers are in the Super Bowl and Sami Zayn made his WWE debut in the Rumble. I am pretty much just as ecstatic about both; it’s pretty hard to top my favorite team being the Super Bowl.
I saw people complaining about little independent guys ruining the WWE on Twitter. I just want to say that their is a huge reason why independent guys matter and should succeed in the WWE: indy fans buy the product. Ring of Honor makes its living off people buying their iPPVs and buying their merchandise. Sure DVD sales have gone down a little, but they still have a very passionate fan base. The indy fans are the ones that are passionate about wrestling. They go to shows and buy the product. When they take their friends to shows, they turn that person into another fan; I have seen in firsthand when I went to PWG for a 3 year span. The indy fans are the type of fan that WWE should want.

Now onto something super positive. I want to thank @mne_breaks for an amazing giveaway. With all do respect to others, I got my single greatest card via giveaway from them. A John Tavares one of one card. Unbelievable. I thought he was the best player in hockey before I got this, and you can bet my opinion won’t change now.
I got the package on Tuesday night. I have commitments on Tuesday that keep me out of the house until very late so when I got home and opened the package it was past midnight on the east coast. I was so thankful I had to post a thank you immediately, and I really hope that I didn’t wake Matt up – MNE Breaks is obviously based on the East Coast.
You should check them out at their site as well: http://www.mnebreaks.com/ It looks like they have breaks set for the end of the month.


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