This is what’s great about the hobby: More love for Valley Sports Cards

So the other day, I made what is essentially my monthly trip to Valley Sports Cards. I desperately needed some storage for a major card purchase (next post), and no place in my area carries the card supplies that I need. I really don’t ever need to be reminded that Alex and Lona are special people but I am every time that I walk in the store and am greeted like family. Anyway I want to brag because they gave me a great deal on a card that immediately becomes one of my favorites.


A quad Panthers card, need I say more. Alex could have held out for a different seller, especially because the Super Bowl will be the one time Panthers stuff will be in demand, but he hooked me up. I am thankful. He knows it’s in the hands of a diehard Panthers fan. I will probably keep it displayed in my room for a while.

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