I did something out of character

In my last post, I said that I made a big purchase. With all the good things that happened to me in the past year, I wanted to celebrate. I ended up doing the craziest thing that a collector can do, I bought a case.
There is a great saying in the hobby that collectors should live by: collect what makes you happy and your collection will be priceless to you. About 2 years ago, I put together a set of Prestige basketball from 2013-14. I have put together a few sets, but maybe it got me at the right time because I love collecting this product and am still chasing the insert subsets. Unfortunately but fortunately for me, this is probably the worst draft class in NBA history – honestly not a stretch because there isn’t a true all star in the bunch. Don’t believe me take a look for yourself: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2013_NBA_draft It is the ill fated, Anthony Bennett draft class.

This is the first case that I have ever purchased. As a no budget collector, I am lucky when I can afford a box of cards. I was only able to afford the case because I used up 3 years worth of Swagbucks so I actually didn’t pay a dime and instead used a gift cards to purchase the case- please click the Swagbucks link and sign up as I will earn even more points, my referral name is ‘pandanwh.’

I bought the case from Steel City Sports Cards. I remember Dan from DMN Takeover bought a case from them and they shipped him the wrong product. So when I came home and saw a box labeled for hockey cards, I thought “oh crap, they did it to me too.’

Fortunately they just packaged my case in a slightly bigger case – which I appreciate as it has been raining a lot lately and I was worried about having only one layer of defense.

20160129_184201(Sorry for my hair leg, I was trying to slant the box to show the boxes of cards in their.)


They threw in 2 packs of cards and a scratcher. They were retail packs and all common cards. The scratcher awarded me a $5 gift card.

I will try and break up the posts, and lump them together. I am slow to open up boxes so this will probably take me a month or more.


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