Prestige Boxes 1 & 2 of 12

I finally cracked open a few boxes of my Prestige case. It will probably take me a few weeks to go through every box but at least I finally started.

Box 1
Old School Sidney Moncrief autograph /99, needed
Prestigious Premieres Erik Murphy autograph, already had
Pau Gasol Bonus Shots jersey, already had
Carmelo Anthony True Colors jersey, needed

Connections- pre-box total 14/20, 3 pulled, 1 needed, 2 duplicates
Williams/Pierce need, Barry/Lee, King/Anthony 15/20

Franchise Favorites – pre-box total 18/30, 5 pulled, 2 needed
Lopez, Faried needed
Durant, Curry, Dirk duplicates

Hardcourt Heroes pre-box total 11/20, pulled 1 needed, 2 duplicates
Chris Paul need, Rajon Rondo, Dirk 12/20

Prestigious Pioneers – Current total 11/20, 3 pulled, all duplicates in my collection
Vern Mikkelsen, Wes Unseld, Lenny Wilkens

Prestigious Posts – Current total 8/10 with one damaged that I would like to replace, all duplicates
Roy Hibbert Dwight Howard

Not a bad box. I can’t argue with the quality of players for the jersey and autographs.
Overall 6.5 of 10, a good start but I expected better

Box 2
Danny Ainge True Colors jersey, need
Solomon Hill Prestigious Premiers auto, need
Ricky Davis Bonus Shots autograph, already have
Carlos Boozer True Colors jersey, need

Hardcourt Heroes pre-box total 12/20
Lillard, Westbrook, Pierce have all 3

Prestigious Pioneers 11/20, 3 pulled, 2 needed 13/20
Wilt Chamberlain need, Al Attles need
Walt Frazier, have

Connections- pre-box total 15/20,
Parish/Sullinger, Magic/Kobe, Drexler/Harden, have all 3

Prestigious Posts – Current total 8/10 with one damaged that I would like to replace
Tim Duncan- duplicate

Franchise Favorites – pre-box total 20/30
Kobe, Larry Sanders, Hibbert 3 needed
Hortford, Kyrie 2 duplicates

Overall 6.5 again. Nothing to flashy but I got a lot of needed cards.

I was able to put together a set of base cards. This is my 2nd set. I have yet to put together a set where all of the cards were in near pristine condition. Cards in box 2 were all mint but there were a few packs in box 1 that had dinged corners.

I am not getting my money’s worth but I am getting what I need. I am glad that I used Swagbucks to pay for this – shameless plug so I could put a referral link with a hint of truth. I doubt that I will finish an insert set with this case but I have hope that I will have them near completion. I am only 2 boxes of 12 in so we will see.


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