This is what’s great about the hobby: The Mystery Package

Happy Valentines Day amazing readers. It is a lovely day today, and I hope all of you are feeling that way. What better way to continue a great day than to highlight something amazing.
This past week has been a very long week for me, Panthers Super Bowl loss notwithstanding – I wish that was the worst thing going on. In the middle of all this interesting week, I had a package arrive at my house. Nothing special to the majority of you but this package was unique for several reasons – 1. I wasn’t expecting a package this week or for a while because of my budget being extra constraining this month and 2. The package had no return address.

The box was pretty loaded.

I posted a picture of the box on both my Twitter accounts curious to see if the culprit would come out of the woodwork – by the way thanks Ivan @ WatchTheBreaks for retweeting the photo so it would be an upset if the culprit didn’t see it.
As I said, the package had no return address. Inside the package, their was absolutely no other clues. The only clue was the tracking number on the package. After looking at the tracking number, I had a good idea of who sent me the package. I have been trying to indirectly say it to your face but thank you again if you are reading this, I really want you to know that you more than made my day: you made my week and really gave me a shot in the arm to get through the week and do good for others.  What I don’t keep for my collection, I will pay it forward to others.


Okay, by this point you want to me to stop writing and post the pictures, if you didn’t scroll down already. I get it. Without further ado, here is your eye candy:

It may not seem like much but the box was insanely loaded. I didn’t count all the cards because I didn’t want to damage them but almost half the cards were numbered, some to as low as 5 & 7. What wasn’t numbered was a rookie, superstar, and/or an insert.

To the person who sent this, I just want to say from the bottom of my heart: thank you. These cards are a million times better than the average card that I put in my collection. I hope that one day, I am in a position to do what you just did for me.

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