Random Review: Upper Deck Series One tin

Ideally I would sandwich a post about Prestige here but I didn’t open another box since my last post. Instead I give you another hockey post.
I got caught up in the Young Guns hype and was desperate to open a few packs of Upper Deck Hockey. Between Dylan Larkin’s show during all star weekend, and the seeing your pack breaks on Twitter, I have been desperate to catch this product.

It took me a while to find anything more than a few retail packs of the product because it has been sold out everywhere I go, a rarity, but I finally found one. I came across a bunch of Series One tins at WalMart. For once I didn’t care about the price so I grabbed one at $30; and with that I am on ramen and whatever is in the cupboard until the 4th when I get paid – I had an unexpected expense pop up this month. At 12 packs for $30, not a bad value though.


Cool Box Topper
I love the backs of these cards. Full player history plus a little summary about the player. By far the best back of any card that I have seen in a long time.
My Young Guns cards and I pulled 2 canvas cards.

Overall: when I did a quick search of this product, I saw someone trying to sell one of these tins for $69.99 so more than double what I paid – and no it wasn’t Ebay, but an actual site. Given my SoCal base it was nice to pull a Nick Shore Young Guns card, that was Canvas no less. Weal was traded by the Kings in the Lecavalier trade. Despite my Carolina Panthers obsession, I am not a Hurricanes fan.
If this was any other product, I would probably groan about the box. Given that when I went to WalMart the next day and these tins were gone, they had a half dozen or so, I can’t complain. I satisfied my hunger to crack a few Upper Deck Hockey packs. I really liked the overall look of the cards. If they were cheaper and readily available, I could easily see myself putting together a set; maybe next year.

Be advised that I am an extremely novice hockey collector. My knowledge about hockey cards is limited to my experience buying the occasional autograph. I have numerous autographs from the ‘Be a Player’ set years; 90% purchased for under $3 when you include. I have never opened a hobby box of hockey cards; and a lot of that stems from my fear of not getting good value. Part of that is because I am in Southern California where hockey isn’t in demand. That said, I love hockey. I played it and if I could afford the equipment, I would play in the beer leagues.

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