Prestige Boxes 11 and 12 of 12

I finally finished opening my Prestige case today. It only took me a few months. Excuse me for flooding you with Prestige posts but this set has been my passion collection. I am going to do a wrap up post of the case later this week.

Box 11:


This is by far the best box of the case. Incidentally, the first relic I pulled was the Joel Anthony card and I was expecting this box to be a dud after that. The Giannis Antetokounmpo autograph is the rookie autograph that I coveted out of this case, as I don’t have it in me to pay what it takes for his autograph otherwise. The ‘True Colors’Tristan Thompson was the first and only patch to come out of the case. I gotta admit that I never liked the Cavaliers red but it comes off really beautiful in the patch.

If I didn’t pull the Chris Mullin, I would’ve thought it was a fake. The autograph looks like he was having a stroke while signing it. It even has the fingerprint that faded the auto at the tail end.

Box 12:


Not the best box but wait what another Antetokounmpo autograph. I believe this is my only duplicated autograph from the case and I cannot complain one bit. The Brandon Bass card, while not a patch is considered a prime piece – well that is what it says on the back of the card at least. It is numbered out of 25.
Now there are two cards here that I have questioned in the past. ‘Stars of the NBA’ is a pretty rare set. You cannot find many on Ebay and when I did, I always assumed that it was a misprint from a different year on the part of the seller. Well you know what they say about the word assume, it makes an ass out of you and me and it certainly made an ass out of me. The other card is the numbered ‘Bonus Shots’ card. I have never pulled a numbered ‘Bonus Shots’ card myself, and I have questioned their legitimacy in the past so I stayed away from them for the most part. The font of the numbering look seems very amateurish to me.


Easter Contest

I said that I would do an Easter contest and here it is. To enter tell me something in the hobby that annoys you or something in the hobby that you think is awesome – I don’t want to be completely negative during a great holiday weekend after all. You can enter any number of ways: tweeting me examples, leaving it on the Facebook comments, or even commenting on this. I get immediate notices on all of them, although I have to approve the comments here. I expect pictures as examples. I will end this Sunday night at 9 pm Pacific time. Same rules as before apply: I don’t care if you have won before, don’t be a contest hound, etc.

For example my entry would be Jeremy Hill’s autograph. The way he signs just the J and H makes me cringe. It makes me wonder if he is signing too many autographs the way he doesn’t even pretend to scribble anything else. Example here:


Now go enjoy your weekend.

Prestige Boxes 8, 9, 10 of 12


Anthony Davis, Otto Porter, Steven Adams, Kyrie Irving, DeMar DeRozan, Tristan Thompson


Kelly Olynyk, Gary Payton, Isaiah Canaan, John Paxson, Nikola Pekovic, Kendall Marshall

The game used jerseys were nothing whatsoever to complain about. I still haven’t hit a multi layered patch yet. Interestingly, the two NBA Materials jerseys were from the same box.

The Gary Payton autograph has been the case hit so far. Just like the NBA Materials jerseys, the Distinctive Ink autographs came in the same box. Isaiah Canaan’s signature looks like a boob to me.

While on the surface the Irving jersey and Pekovic autograph may not seem so terrible, they are a dime a dozen with this product. You can find them with little effort.

I didn’t mean to do a Sunday Funday Twitter contest for the 2nd consecutive week. I was already planning an Easter giveaway, and a 1,000 followers giveaway. When I saw that I hit 900, I thought why not.

What is a misery pack?
So called mystery packs bring the most misery to the hobby. I have seen so many people scam others because of mystery packs. Mystery packs rarely offer anything good. I posted an entry on them a while ago:
I also like the play on misery and angry. I have a box of cards that I want to sell, I may parcel them out in Misery Packs for a price later.
Fun fact, until last week the only person that I blocked on the Angry Card Collector Twitter was a guy selling Misery Packs who scammed me and told me that I wasted my money after I bought a pack from him.

This leads me into something I need to address about the A.C.C. Twitter. If I don’t follow you, and you are following me then it is an oversight. I am not on it all the time but when I am, I don’t mind retweeting sales. I love the validation that I feel when I help you with sales. Lately though I have seen way too much nastiness from the people I follow. 99.9% of it is political – the guy who tried to goad me into a fight with another collector being the .01%. Look, I don’t care who you vote for. I don’t care if you are speaking in fallacies. I love the passion. I won’t tolerate disrespectful Tweets though. If I see anything disrespectful from now on I will block you. With as many people as I follow, I see a lot of tweets, but I have been seeing way too many disrespectful tweets.

This is what’s great about the hobby: Cryptozoic sketch cards


I’ve mentioned it before a bit on here: I come from a family that has comics in our blood. The quick version: my parents met because of the comic industry as my dad Bill DuBay and my mom’s brother Rich Buckler worked in it. Together the three of them have done a ton of work worth bragging about; yes even my mom as she did work on Eerie comics. You can check out their Wikipedia pages to see if what they did is noteworthy to you; I love to brag that my uncle created Deathlok. A lot of people ask if my family is rich because of the industry. I wish. The only thing rich was my dad’s pseudonym and my Uncle’s name; other than that, they scraped by like the best of them.
All that said, I cared about sports and music as a kid; not comics. Now, I have several comics accumulated in my collection; still far from an avid comic reader though. Comics were one thing that I was so close to as a child because of my dad’s work that I never appreciated them.
Anyway, when I got back into collecting heavily as an adult 1 of 1 sketch cards were starting to pop up. I immediately gravitated towards them as they were one of a kind cards that weren’t appreciated yet. Over time, I have accumulated a dozen or so. I seek them out when I can so when I noticed a Twitter contest for sketch cards, I was immediately in. Cryptozoic is my personal favorite company that produces sketch cards, so I was happy to win two sketch cards by  James Bukauskas and Jake Minor. George Nadeau is the reason why I won them. Check out his Twitter @georgenadeau. When he isn’t running Twitter contests, he is hard at work making Cryptozoic great.

Random Review: 2015 Gridiron Kings packs

I had to be at my now former college today to pick up graduation gear. Knowing that the ‘Gradfest’ would be crazy because went to one of the biggest Universities in Southern California, I told myself that if I survived then I would reward myself with a few packs of cards. I picked up 2 packs of 2015 Gridiron Kings for $15. I didn’t hit anything but I did several PC worthy cards.


I can complain getting framed Funchess and Diggs rookies. I probably overpaid a little bit for a product that is now going for $50 or less a box but I liked what I got.

Sunday Funday Contest 3/13/16

Hope that everyone is adjusting positively to the time change. I posted a little contest on Twitter that ends at 9pm Pacific tonight. Check out the pinned tweet on my Twitter:



Random Review: Lone Star Box Breaks

Lone Star Box Breaks is a place that I have had my eye on since I came across them on Twitter. If you are a reader of this site then you know that I document the struggles of being a collector on a tight budget. Lone Star Box Breaks is right up my alley. They constantly post cheap cards and packs.
I have been wanting to buy from them but when they post cards, it never aligns with my availability; they are known to post on Saturday nights. I finally caught a break on Saturday, and bought from them – I may or may not done this purchase as I was sitting waiting for church to start. When I was browsing, I asked myself: ‘would I regret passing up on this deal?’ The answer for this Court Kings Charlie Scott autograph was yes.
When you shop on their site, you will see some cards listed as free with purchase if you add them to your card. I grabbed, an albeit expired Jordan Hamilton redemption.  Panini redeems expired redemption cards so I got two autograph cards for one. Did I mention the free shipping? I literally paid a buck.20160310_172541

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This is what’s great about the hobby: Legends23 Case Breakers

The boom of social media has brought many great opportunities. For as many side effects that social media has, their is so much good that is hard to ignore. People are giving to others in amazing ways. In the past 10 days, I have seen an amazing number (a good half dozen, and not by major companies) of hobby boxes being given away. Last weekend, I was on the receiving end of yet another of one of these great givers.

The case breakers at Legends 23 are the amazing people behind this giveaway. I was lucky enough to walk away with a Hi Tek baseball box. Check them out at; they actually have a video of the giveaway on their site as well as great breaks.

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Prestige Boxes 5, 6, & 7 of 12

While the rest of you were arguing over who’s favorite politician had a bigger man tool this week (I wish that I was joking on that front), I was pretty busy.
On top of applying for my dream job and working hard on the job front, I found time to open up a few of my Prestige boxes. Job hunting can be pretty stressful and there is nothing better than unwinding with a box of your favorite card product.

Since the page view count on the Prestige posts has been low, I don’t blame you guys, I am just going to combine all the highlights from 3 boxes into 1.

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