Prestige Boxes 5, 6, & 7 of 12

While the rest of you were arguing over who’s favorite politician had a bigger man tool this week (I wish that I was joking on that front), I was pretty busy.
On top of applying for my dream job and working hard on the job front, I found time to open up a few of my Prestige boxes. Job hunting can be pretty stressful and there is nothing better than unwinding with a box of your favorite card product.

Since the page view count on the Prestige posts has been low, I don’t blame you guys, I am just going to combine all the highlights from 3 boxes into 1.

Dennis Schroeder – Prestigious Premiers Signatures – An autograph that I really wanted to add to my personal collection; my Grandparents were born in Germany so I love German players.
Nerlens Noel – Prestigious Premiers Signatures – probably the best pull of the case so far, I am ashamed to say
Nate Wolters – Prestigious Premiers Signatures – oh look a draft pick who is now playing overseas.
David Thompson – Distinctive Ink autograph – numbered to 99. This features the Nuggest old logo in the top right corner and is one of my favorite cards that I have pulled from the case – it helps that he has a good signature.
Rory Sparrow – Old School autograph – numbered to 99. I have never heard of this guy. Considering he topped out at averaging 12.6 points per game, I am not surprised. He does have a beautiful signature; I just wish that is wasn’t cut off from being a sticker.
DeAndre Liggins – Bonus Shots autograph – numbered to 10. I have a bunch of his autographs already, although this is my first numbered to 10. A rookie who flamed out and is now in the D-League; although he did make the all star team this year so there is hope.

Game Used Material – interestingly, I pulled cards that represented all 3 subsets from this product
Monta Ellis – Bonus Shots – future trade bait as I have a half dozen of these cards
Harrison Barnes – Bonus Shots
Al Horford – NBA Materials
Bob Lanier – True Colors
Danny Manning – True Colors
Andre Drummond – True Colors

9 Hardcourt Heroes – I actually got 2 I needed and only need 2 to complete the set.
9 Pretigious Pioneers – all duplicates, I need 3
15 Franchise Favorities – again the majority of them came with ‘boards of death.’ I need 2 more to complete the set. There were 3 duplicates from the 3 boxes.
9 Connections – Again several duplicates from the 3 boxes but
Prestigious Posts – 6 pulled and I needed 1. 1 away from the set of 10.
2 of those duplicate teams I needed. I completed my first insert subset ever with this. There were 20 cards in this set, and I haven’t even completed the set with 10.

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