This is what’s great about the hobby: Legends23 Case Breakers

The boom of social media has brought many great opportunities. For as many side effects that social media has, their is so much good that is hard to ignore. People are giving to others in amazing ways. In the past 10 days, I have seen an amazing number (a good half dozen, and not by major companies) of hobby boxes being given away. Last weekend, I was on the receiving end of yet another of one of these great givers.

The case breakers at Legends 23 are the amazing people behind this giveaway. I was lucky enough to walk away with a Hi Tek baseball box. Check them out at; they actually have a video of the giveaway on their site as well as great breaks.

20160305_112654They actually gave away 2 boxes. I came away with one and then eight other people walked away with the eight cards from the other box. I actually won that random as well. In the original box that I won, an Al Leiter autograph card was pulled. After I had the come down from the shock of winning the box, I was going to tell them to random the Leiter autograph because someone in the chat room wanted it; and I was extremely happy with the Carlos Correa rookie that is numbered to 99. Before I could even finish processing what happened, I won the Freddie Freeman autograph redemption.

I love the cards from this set. They are all see through and I would’ve have loved these cards as a kid. As it is, when they showed up I was giddy as can be and showed me nephews how cool they looked.

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