This is what’s great about the hobby: Cryptozoic sketch cards


I’ve mentioned it before a bit on here: I come from a family that has comics in our blood. The quick version: my parents met because of the comic industry as my dad Bill DuBay and my mom’s brother Rich Buckler worked in it. Together the three of them have done a ton of work worth bragging about; yes even my mom as she did work on Eerie comics. You can check out their Wikipedia pages to see if what they did is noteworthy to you; I love to brag that my uncle created Deathlok. A lot of people ask if my family is rich because of the industry. I wish. The only thing rich was my dad’s pseudonym and my Uncle’s name; other than that, they scraped by like the best of them.
All that said, I cared about sports and music as a kid; not comics. Now, I have several comics accumulated in my collection; still far from an avid comic reader though. Comics were one thing that I was so close to as a child because of my dad’s work that I never appreciated them.
Anyway, when I got back into collecting heavily as an adult 1 of 1 sketch cards were starting to pop up. I immediately gravitated towards them as they were one of a kind cards that weren’t appreciated yet. Over time, I have accumulated a dozen or so. I seek them out when I can so when I noticed a Twitter contest for sketch cards, I was immediately in. Cryptozoic is my personal favorite company that produces sketch cards, so I was happy to win two sketch cards by  James Bukauskas and Jake Minor. George Nadeau is the reason why I won them. Check out his Twitter @georgenadeau. When he isn’t running Twitter contests, he is hard at work making Cryptozoic great.

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