I didn’t mean to do a Sunday Funday Twitter contest for the 2nd consecutive week. I was already planning an Easter giveaway, and a 1,000 followers giveaway. When I saw that I hit 900, I thought why not.

What is a misery pack?
So called mystery packs bring the most misery to the hobby. I have seen so many people scam others because of mystery packs. Mystery packs rarely offer anything good. I posted an entry on them a while ago: https://angrycardcollector.com/2014/09/11/mystery-packs-more-like-misery-packs/.
I also like the play on misery and angry. I have a box of cards that I want to sell, I may parcel them out in Misery Packs for a price later.
Fun fact, until last week the only person that I blocked on the Angry Card Collector Twitter was a guy selling Misery Packs who scammed me and told me that I wasted my money after I bought a pack from him.

This leads me into something I need to address about the A.C.C. Twitter. If I don’t follow you, and you are following me then it is an oversight. I am not on it all the time but when I am, I don’t mind retweeting sales. I love the validation that I feel when I help you with sales. Lately though I have seen way too much nastiness from the people I follow. 99.9% of it is political – the guy who tried to goad me into a fight with another collector being the .01%. Look, I don’t care who you vote for. I don’t care if you are speaking in fallacies. I love the passion. I won’t tolerate disrespectful Tweets though. If I see anything disrespectful from now on I will block you. With as many people as I follow, I see a lot of tweets, but I have been seeing way too many disrespectful tweets.

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