Easter Contest

I said that I would do an Easter contest and here it is. To enter tell me something in the hobby that annoys you or something in the hobby that you think is awesome – I don’t want to be completely negative during a great holiday weekend after all. You can enter any number of ways: tweeting me examples, leaving it on the Facebook comments, or even commenting on this. I get immediate notices on all of them, although I have to approve the comments here. I expect pictures as examples. I will end this Sunday night at 9 pm Pacific time. Same rules as before apply: I don’t care if you have won before, don’t be a contest hound, etc.

For example my entry would be Jeremy Hill’s autograph. The way he signs just the J and H makes me cringe. It makes me wonder if he is signing too many autographs the way he doesn’t even pretend to scribble anything else. Example here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/JEREMY-HILL-2014-TOPPS-SUPREME-ROOKIE-RC-BLUE-AUTO-AUTOGRAPH-12-50-/121935102546?hash=item1c63e60252:g:DDEAAOSwxcRW9IPo


Now go enjoy your weekend.

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