Bid Board Finds: End of April

Simple and quick bid board find: Brandon Beachy jersey numbered out of 50 for one dollar. It probably cost me more gas to get Valley Sports Cards than what I paid. It gave me an opportunity to wish Alex a ‘Happy Birthday’ on his actual birthday at least instead of a Facebook greeting.


This is what’s great about the hobby: Steel City Sports Cards

Steel City Collectibles has blessed me again, this time in the form of a Twitter contest. On top of their low prices, they are always doing something for collecting fans. I won a hobby box of Panini’s 2015 Americana release. I previously won a box from their football pick em contest where I pulled an Odell Beckham autograph. Getting the Americana box was a pleasant surprise as I actually have bought a few retail packs of this release; some of you can attest to this as I have slipped some of the base cards in ‘Misery Packs.’ The box offered 4 hits and was a blast to open.



I didn’t pull anything in the galaxy of the Beckham autograph but I did have fun. The hits were horse racing heavy as I pulled the ‘Danica Patrick of horse racing’ and the most recent derby winner. I also pulled a WWE diva and a sweet Tiffani Thiessen cell insert; how can you go wrong with her. I will be honest the autograph sucked, as I can walk into any local store and bump into an actor with better credits. Sorry, Gary Owen, but you weren’t even credited in your last movie and even the caterer gets credited. The inserts overall were fun and the true gem; even the parallels were a beautiful shade of blue. The music lover in me loved the album inserts.


If I had the money, I would pick up a few boxes and try to put together a base set. At $45, you can’t go wrong. I would imagine that the majority of boxes are a lot better than the one I got; I mean you can’t get a worse autograph. I am positive about this box and willing to buy another one if the funds present themselves.

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Pickups #2

Mark at is always doing something amazing. He started the month with a giveaway of a Jameis Winston autograph; all you had to do to enter was buy a pack from the site. There were a ton of options ranging from $2 Leaf packs to $8.50 Letterman packs. I chose an in between option at $4 in Upper Deck Basketball SP Authentic; it is a pack that I would buy  anyway. As you can see below, I didn’t hit anything. I didn’t win the giveaway for once; the guy that won is one of my favorite people in the hobby.


Pickups #1

I didn’t mean to go to the card shop on Sunday. I was in the area for a funeral and one of the last things I even told my friend that was that I wasn’t going there. I was supposed to go straight to a coffee shop to meet another friend. The card shop was so close that when my brain drifted to autopilot it took me there. By the time I realized where I was going, I was pretty much there. I didn’t fight it and turn back. I am not in the area of the card shop enough as it is.

My haul only cost me two bucks but they are all good complementary pieces to my, or any collection.


Top Row: Hall of Famer Paul Warfield, Hall of Famer Nick Bioniconti, OJ Simpson, Legendary Lineman Ray Mansfield
Bottom Row: 1960 Sam Jones that appears to have been folded in half at one point, Pro Bowl Lineman Fred Hoaglin, Johnny Podres that has top cop corner folded and writing on back, Ken Reaves.

All of these are cards that I am more than happy to place in my personal collection. My brain did good in getting two legendary lineman; my favorite football position to collect because they are so undervalued for all they do.  Also picked up two legendary Dolphins from their great early Super Bowl teams. Even the 1960 Sam Jones was a steal as you would have to beat people with a stick at that price to buy that at another card shop I go to; it just goes to show you the customers places attract. These cards were all priced to sell because people didn’t bid on them from the bid board.

As for meeting that other friend? Even though I should have been running late, I was 20 minutes early despite my detour.

Random Review: Donruss Elite Football, Wal Mart Hobby Packs

Occasionally Wal-Mart will sell hobby packs. They are one of the few items in their card area that piques my interest when they are available; if you read the site then you know I have no love loss for the waste of money that is blaster boxes.
I was a little hesitant to buy the packs because at about $16, they were overpriced for a product that has hit clearance bins. Ultimately though, I was pretty hungry for some cards and took a chance. I wasn’t expecting much, so I wasn’t disappointed.
The Cam Newton insert  and game used jersey were from the same pack. I was pretty happy overall just with that pack alone. I didn’t get much else with the other 3 packs, but I have the Newton on my wall.
I will probably place the jersey in a ‘Misery pack.’ Next giveaway will be at 1000 Twitter followers and I am going to load up the ‘Misery Pack’ with solid cards.

Prestige Case Overall

Price paid: $450, but essentially free thanks to  gift cards used from Swagbucks 
Was it worth it: Probably not. There wasn’t a real true bad game used jersey in the case and that is not the case with a lot of products.
Days it took me to open all 12 boxes from date of delivery: 65
Best hit: Gary Payton autograph, numbered to 50

I finished all my insert sets, of the product. When I put them together to see if I was able to accomplish that, I was disappointed with the fact that if I didn’t have a bunch of cards previously, I would not be able to say that. There were a lot of duplicate inserts.

I pulled a duplicate autograph but got lucky that it was from a great player in Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Overall it was a great learning lesson for a small time collector like myself. I will probably never buy a case again and instead focus on Ebay and other sales. I was planning on buying a blaster box case of this product after this, but I can’t justify it now.