Prestige Case Overall

Price paid: $450, but essentially free thanks to  gift cards used from Swagbucks 
Was it worth it: Probably not. There wasn’t a real true bad game used jersey in the case and that is not the case with a lot of products.
Days it took me to open all 12 boxes from date of delivery: 65
Best hit: Gary Payton autograph, numbered to 50

I finished all my insert sets, of the product. When I put them together to see if I was able to accomplish that, I was disappointed with the fact that if I didn’t have a bunch of cards previously, I would not be able to say that. There were a lot of duplicate inserts.

I pulled a duplicate autograph but got lucky that it was from a great player in Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Overall it was a great learning lesson for a small time collector like myself. I will probably never buy a case again and instead focus on Ebay and other sales. I was planning on buying a blaster box case of this product after this, but I can’t justify it now.

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