Pickups #1

I didn’t mean to go to the card shop on Sunday. I was in the area for a funeral and one of the last things I even told my friend that was that I wasn’t going there. I was supposed to go straight to a coffee shop to meet another friend. The card shop was so close that when my brain drifted to autopilot it took me there. By the time I realized where I was going, I was pretty much there. I didn’t fight it and turn back. I am not in the area of the card shop enough as it is.

My haul only cost me two bucks but they are all good complementary pieces to my, or any collection.


Top Row: Hall of Famer Paul Warfield, Hall of Famer Nick Bioniconti, OJ Simpson, Legendary Lineman Ray Mansfield
Bottom Row: 1960 Sam Jones that appears to have been folded in half at one point, Pro Bowl Lineman Fred Hoaglin, Johnny Podres that has top cop corner folded and writing on back, Ken Reaves.

All of these are cards that I am more than happy to place in my personal collection. My brain did good in getting two legendary lineman; my favorite football position to collect because they are so undervalued for all they do.  Also picked up two legendary Dolphins from their great early Super Bowl teams. Even the 1960 Sam Jones was a steal as you would have to beat people with a stick at that price to buy that at another card shop I go to; it just goes to show you the customers places attract. These cards were all priced to sell because people didn’t bid on them from the bid board.

As for meeting that other friend? Even though I should have been running late, I was 20 minutes early despite my detour.

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