Pickups #5.5

This post is part 2 of my mega mail day that encompasses a massive purchase where I got 29 cards from one seller. You can see the first post here. I got a massive steal and I want to thank the people at JB Sports Memorabilia for a hassle free transaction. Every card collector has an Ebay horror story, or ten, and a purchase like this really gave me fear of another one. That was not the case at all.

Between the two posts, you have now seen all 29 cards of the lot. The grand total for 19 cards shipped was $35.56; an absolute steal. Again, they could have easily squeezed me on shipping but they didn’t, as shipping was only $6.50. The total for all the cards was $29.06. Some cards were sold for lower than 40 cents. The reason why I bought so much was I had my eye on the Prestige pieces. All of those went for at least a buck with the Boris Diaw autograph tilting the scale at $7.50. The lot was so giving that I got a Yu Darvish patch for under a buck. The only other card I paid more than a dollar for was a Jay Austin autograph in his Jethawks jersey; a huge PC item as I used to live within walking distance of the stadium before I moved to a safer neighborhood.

Pickups #5

This weekend is crazy as I have two graduation ceremonies, a bridal shower, and other commitments so I am dedicating the time I get to sit down to myself to my favorite topic: cards.
Continuing on my last post, I made two other orders from Ebay. Those two orders account for I believe 30 cards. The order that I am posting about encompasses 29 cards over 28  auctions. The best part, the total. I am breaking this order up for two posts, and will post the total in the next post. If you want to guess the total though, feel free to tweet me. You never know what I might have in store for the person closest.

The three pictures encompass cards that are not true personal collection material. With the exception of Frank Thomas and Adrian Beltre, there is nobody big, unless you count Greg Anthony or Guy Carbonneau, but I took a lot of flyers on prospects. The relic with the older person is of Bobby Hurley Sr.

Now if you will excuse me, I am off to get ready for my own graduation. I will catch everyone on Twitter in between posts.

Pick Ups #4 & Quick Contest

My ‘Ebay Bucks’ from my Prestige case were set to expire so I had to browse Ebay because this low budget collector was not about to lose free money. I should explain my wording and why I put the word ‘had’ in the first sentence. Ebay is like a drug to me. I have a bad off switch when it comes to buying stuff from there. I will buy from their in droves to the point get several packages a day for ten days straight, or until my bank account says zero.
So, I wasn’t looking for anything in particular; just value. I was looking at autographs under $7 because I had $9 credit. I was bidding on lesser things but was getting sniped, and then it happened. I saw an autographed card on my must have list that I wasn’t going to let anyone snipe. I got the autograph for something something like $7.05.

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This is what’s great about the hobby: Loot Locker

And now the article that I wanted to write this week. In the short time that they have been around Loot Locker have made a name for themselves. They have been the first annual mail day place in the hobby that has stuck around. Despite thinking about buying one ten times over, I have never pulled the trigger.

I lucked into one in a Twitter contest. I chose basketball because that is the sport that I prefer to buy packs from. Despite a hiccup where I worried about it getting ‘lost in the mail,’ it did come. ALLSWEATY is actually running another contest this month for a Loot Locker.

The ‘loot:’
SP Authentic 2014-15 pack
SPx 2014-15 pack
Panini Totally Certified 2014-15 pack
top loaders of two different sizes, penny sleeves, candy, and the most important perk of all: lots of BUBBLE WRAP

Despite pulling a ‘board of death’ in one of the three packs, I did pretty well. The Dirk card is numbered to 299 and came from the same Totally Certified pack as the Griffin hit. The autograph is Jordan Adams, made more beautiful and trade-able where I live by the fact that he is in his UCLA attire. My personal favorite, and one that is going on my PC wall, is the Reggie Theus base card with his huge Afro from his playing days. For those unaware, Theus is the coach of CSUN- my now alma mater.


For being an ‘angry card collector,’ I have been pretty calm. Thankfully I haven’t had a reason to be angry. Unfortunately, I now have a reason.
As you can see below from the picture, I had a mail day that never was. I am livid. This is clearly not the sender’s fault. There is a clear cut under the adhesive seal. USPS has a problem on their hands as this looks to me like an inside job on their part. My mail-man said that I can’t do anything because it was not insured.
Thankfully, my understanding is that only base cards were in the package.  This was from a free Twitter break from Bad Boy Box Breaks. The offered to make it to me but I politely declined because I freeloaded enough. They are worth checking out though, and it is clear that they do business the right way. I am sorry that they wasted their money on shipping.

I am expecting three mail days. There have been a few contest winnings that I haven’t received from a while ago, and I am now curious. I hope that all of my ‘misery packs’ that I sent out have been received because I certainly mailed them.
The past six days have been awful as I have been battling a massive PTSD trigger. My mail days are a nice distraction.

In happier news, check out the post before this for the 1 year and 1,000 contest. If you are too lazy to find it, here is a link: Happy 1 year Site Anniversary & 1,000 Twitter Follower.


Happy 1 year Site Anniversary & 1,000 Twitter Follower

The past week have brought to major milestones for AngryCardCollector.com: this week marks the one year anniversary since the dot com has been officially in existence, and I hit the 1,000 Twitter follower milestone. I promised a grand contest for that, and I made it grander in the name of both accomplishments. So without further ado, the best misery pack yet: so big that it took 2 team bags, 1 vintage card, 1 rookie autograph, 1 Xfractor numbered to 125, 1 color Prizm card, 1 prime patch, 1 numbered card to 349, 1 rookie card numbered to 999, 1 NFL sticker, 1 NBA autograph, 1 pack of cards (can pull Joe Montana), 1 cut autograph, 1 cut insert, 2 Legends cards, and 5 more cards.


I don’t care if you have won from me before. Retweet the tweet below to enter. Obviously you must follow and continue to follow me in the future. If you are a contest bot and not a card collector entering, I will block you, out you to world, and enter every contest you do. I will end this on the actual anniversary of the site: May 4th at 9pm Pacific Time. I know it’s late but it is a time that I know that I will be home at.

I love all of you, you have made doing this so rewarding. I look forward to growing the community with all of you.