Happy 1 year Site Anniversary & 1,000 Twitter Follower

The past week have brought to major milestones for AngryCardCollector.com: this week marks the one year anniversary since the dot com has been officially in existence, and I hit the 1,000 Twitter follower milestone. I promised a grand contest for that, and I made it grander in the name of both accomplishments. So without further ado, the best misery pack yet: so big that it took 2 team bags, 1 vintage card, 1 rookie autograph, 1 Xfractor numbered to 125, 1 color Prizm card, 1 prime patch, 1 numbered card to 349, 1 rookie card numbered to 999, 1 NFL sticker, 1 NBA autograph, 1 pack of cards (can pull Joe Montana), 1 cut autograph, 1 cut insert, 2 Legends cards, and 5 more cards.


I don’t care if you have won from me before. Retweet the tweet below to enter. Obviously you must follow and continue to follow me in the future. If you are a contest bot and not a card collector entering, I will block you, out you to world, and enter every contest you do. I will end this on the actual anniversary of the site: May 4th at 9pm Pacific Time. I know it’s late but it is a time that I know that I will be home at.

I love all of you, you have made doing this so rewarding. I look forward to growing the community with all of you.



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