For being an ‘angry card collector,’ I have been pretty calm. Thankfully I haven’t had a reason to be angry. Unfortunately, I now have a reason.
As you can see below from the picture, I had a mail day that never was. I am livid. This is clearly not the sender’s fault. There is a clear cut under the adhesive seal. USPS has a problem on their hands as this looks to me like an inside job on their part. My mail-man said that I can’t do anything because it was not insured.
Thankfully, my understanding is that only base cards were in the package.  This was from a free Twitter break from Bad Boy Box Breaks. The offered to make it to me but I politely declined because I freeloaded enough. They are worth checking out though, and it is clear that they do business the right way. I am sorry that they wasted their money on shipping.

I am expecting three mail days. There have been a few contest winnings that I haven’t received from a while ago, and I am now curious. I hope that all of my ‘misery packs’ that I sent out have been received because I certainly mailed them.
The past six days have been awful as I have been battling a massive PTSD trigger. My mail days are a nice distraction.

In happier news, check out the post before this for the 1 year and 1,000 contest. If you are too lazy to find it, here is a link: Happy 1 year Site Anniversary & 1,000 Twitter Follower.


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