Pick Ups #4 & Quick Contest

My ‘Ebay Bucks’ from my Prestige case were set to expire so I had to browse Ebay because this low budget collector was not about to lose free money. I should explain my wording and why I put the word ‘had’ in the first sentence. Ebay is like a drug to me. I have a bad off switch when it comes to buying stuff from there. I will buy from their in droves to the point get several packages a day for ten days straight, or until my bank account says zero.
So, I wasn’t looking for anything in particular; just value. I was looking at autographs under $7 because I had $9 credit. I was bidding on lesser things but was getting sniped, and then it happened. I saw an autographed card on my must have list that I wasn’t going to let anyone snipe. I got the autograph for something something like $7.05.

Even as a child, I appreciated coaches. I was into the 49ers and Dodgers who had Bill Walsh and Tommy Lasorda; two of the most legendary coaches ever. As a kid I loved the Broncos because I loved the D on their helmet, you know the childhood narcissism because D stood for Daniel DuBay. Dan Reeves was the coach of those Broncos teams, and a coach who doesn’t get as much credit; he is also another D connection. He was John Elway’s coach for the majority of his career. How cruel is it that John Elway beat Dan Reeves Falcons in the Super Bowl of his final season? So when I saw his autograph, I had to get it.


Contest: I forgot to bring cash to church earlier today to give them money. Their loss is your gain. Now here is the deal. The second that I hit publish on this, everyone who follows me/the site see a tweet linking to this. Retweet said tweet, for a chance to get a ‘misery pack.’ All ‘misery packs’ contain at least one, but usually several hits, an insert or two, and a common card or two of someone awesome – so it’s not a common card that I throw in the donation pile, it is a common card that I would want to keep for myself. Follow here: https://twitter.com/angryccollector, there is also a widget on the main page of the site. I will pin it. I have done this a lot by now so all the usual rules apply. I will end it Wednesday night , May 18th, at 9 pm pacific time.

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