Pickups #5

This weekend is crazy as I have two graduation ceremonies, a bridal shower, and other commitments so I am dedicating the time I get to sit down to myself to my favorite topic: cards.
Continuing on my last post, I made two other orders from Ebay. Those two orders account for I believe 30 cards. The order that I am posting about encompasses 29 cards over 28  auctions. The best part, the total. I am breaking this order up for two posts, and will post the total in the next post. If you want to guess the total though, feel free to tweet me. You never know what I might have in store for the person closest.

The three pictures encompass cards that are not true personal collection material. With the exception of Frank Thomas and Adrian Beltre, there is nobody big, unless you count Greg Anthony or Guy Carbonneau, but I took a lot of flyers on prospects. The relic with the older person is of Bobby Hurley Sr.

Now if you will excuse me, I am off to get ready for my own graduation. I will catch everyone on Twitter in between posts.

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