Pickups #5.5

This post is part 2 of my mega mail day that encompasses a massive purchase where I got 29 cards from one seller. You can see the first post here. I got a massive steal and I want to thank the people at JB Sports Memorabilia for a hassle free transaction. Every card collector has an Ebay horror story, or ten, and a purchase like this really gave me fear of another one. That was not the case at all.

Between the two posts, you have now seen all 29 cards of the lot. The grand total for 19 cards shipped was $35.56; an absolute steal. Again, they could have easily squeezed me on shipping but they didn’t, as shipping was only $6.50. The total for all the cards was $29.06. Some cards were sold for lower than 40 cents. The reason why I bought so much was I had my eye on the Prestige pieces. All of those went for at least a buck with the Boris Diaw autograph tilting the scale at $7.50. The lot was so giving that I got a Yu Darvish patch for under a buck. The only other card I paid more than a dollar for was a Jay Austin autograph in his Jethawks jersey; a huge PC item as I used to live within walking distance of the stadium before I moved to a safer neighborhood.

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