Bid Board Finds #14

The past month, I have found myself in the Northridge area nonstop. Between graduating from college, and my friend getting married at of all places, the college, I have been able to frequent the nearby card shop a lot. I have always enjoyed the card shop because I have got a ton of steals on their bid board.
Last week I was in there a half hour before the board ended and bid on a good 15 items. I was expecting a major haul when I came in Friday, right before the wedding rehearsal. To my dismay, I ended up with 2 items. I have had better luck when I bid on a Wednesday – note: the board ends Saturday afternoon.
So 2 cards and autographs for $2.25. Dri Archer for a whole buck, and Hector Olivera for a dollar and a quarter. Boy has Olivera’s autograph fallen off a cliff. The ‘Buy It Now’ price on the autograph was $2 and no one took it.

How was your day?

It pays to be good to your family. I love my nephews more than anything in this world. I knew the second that they were born that I loved them unconditionally. While it may feel like they were born yesterday, they are halfway through grade school. During that time, we’ve had some amazing adventures. My personal favorite is coaching a bunch of their baseball teams. My nephews are in Boy Scouts with another kid from one of our baseball teams. The house that they have Boy Scouts at has a famous neighbor in New York Yankee first round draft pick Blake Rutherford. Rutherford, who actually played at our little league, was nice enough to stop by and visit their Scout group yesterday. Being the cool Uncle that I am, my sister immediately told me and let me come along for the visit.

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Pickups: an autograph I didn’t think was attainable

At the start of the year, I made a wish list of players whose autographs I wanted. On the post, I was realistic about the chances of getting most cards. I even broke them down into sections like attainable, unattainable, want but can live without, and ‘probably attainable if I put my mind to it and do a thorough search.’ I really haven’t done a good job of targeting anything on that list. I had to stumble upon one by accident for the most part – for the record, I am not counting the Twitter offers I get but turn down because I don’t have money at the right time. I stumbled upon an auction of a target on the latter of topics I just mentioned.


I wasn’t expecting to get it. We are in hockey playoff time so this is prime time to move hockey real estate. I was shocked that I got it for $9.50 shipped. Even though I am struggling to find an exact match for sale, or even previously sold elsewhere, it seems like a legit autograph to me.
I do want to commend the company for a quality that I like about the card.The whole box with the signature appears to be a sticker. Instead of a clear sticker like most companies do, this appears to have a piece of the photograph in the sticker. I have never seen that before and it is a nice change from the sticker autographs I am used to.

I am going to quickly add a few names to my want list. Most are players whose cards I valued as a kid, with the exception of two Danish hockey players:
Eric Davis
Nikola Ehllers
Frans Nielsen
Gary Gaeiti
John Burkett
Tim Belcher
Kirt Manwaring
Todd Stottlemyre
Robin Ventura

Random Review: Bad Boy Box Breaks

In the whole year plus that I have done this site, I have yet to do a break. I simply avoid breaks. Most are priced way too high for a budget collector like myself. On top of that, my two favorite teams are usually priced at a premium. My teams only have the two best players on the planet in their respective sports in Clayton Kershaw and Cam Newton. With Cam Newton coming off an MVP season, finding a reasonably price break team break with the Panthers is next to impossible. So when I saw a reasonably priced 5 box break from Bad Boy Box Breaks for the Panthers, I thought about it for a few hours then jumped on it. After a package hiccup from them, see post titled “Angry,” I knew karma was on my side.

I feel that I did pretty well. Hit an autograph, and a two numbered cards. Kuechly’s card is numbered to 75, while the Cam is numbered to 249. It is pretty easy to do worse in breaks.


I should add, I accidentally bought into this break on a day that wasn’t conducive to my schedule. There was no way that I could be home during the time of the break. I was able to catch the break when I came home a few hours later.

This might be the first time I posted about a break on here, but it might not be the last if Bad Boy Box Breaks keeps offering reasonably priced breaks.