Pickups: an autograph I didn’t think was attainable

At the start of the year, I made a wish list of players whose autographs I wanted. On the post, I was realistic about the chances of getting most cards. I even broke them down into sections like attainable, unattainable, want but can live without, and ‘probably attainable if I put my mind to it and do a thorough search.’ I really haven’t done a good job of targeting anything on that list. I had to stumble upon one by accident for the most part – for the record, I am not counting the Twitter offers I get but turn down because I don’t have money at the right time. I stumbled upon an auction of a target on the latter of topics I just mentioned.


I wasn’t expecting to get it. We are in hockey playoff time so this is prime time to move hockey real estate. I was shocked that I got it for $9.50 shipped. Even though I am struggling to find an exact match for sale, or even previously sold elsewhere, it seems like a legit autograph to me.
I do want to commend the company for a quality that I like about the card.The whole box with the signature appears to be a sticker. Instead of a clear sticker like most companies do, this appears to have a piece of the photograph in the sticker. I have never seen that before and it is a nice change from the sticker autographs I am used to.

I am going to quickly add a few names to my want list. Most are players whose cards I valued as a kid, with the exception of two Danish hockey players:
Eric Davis
Nikola Ehllers
Frans Nielsen
Gary Gaeiti
John Burkett
Tim Belcher
Kirt Manwaring
Todd Stottlemyre
Robin Ventura

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