Pickups: A reasonable Ebay seller


Given my budget, I don’t usually buy cards that are more than $5 on Ebay but I couldn’t help myself with Ebay seller “rookiedsmia.” I made an offer on the Eric Gordon Prestige card, and he accepted so I perused his listings. I snagged another ‘best offer’ with the Ziggler autograph. I got a great deal that turned into a steal when he became the number one contender for the title at Summerslam this week – seriously, who saw that coming?

These are two very important pieces to my collection.  I am a massive collector of Prestige basketball and this only my second ‘Stars of the NBA’ autograph as they fall one per case. This is also my first autograph of a wrestler. You should definitely check out the seller, he is awesome.

Bid Board Finds – Finding a random card I really coveted

I am really excited for this haul. Usually the bid board offers cards that are an assortment of no names and over-hyped cards. 99% of my bidding is pure impulse. That is until this week. A card was on the board that I legitimately coveted. A card that I spent several days before scouting on Ebay, and losing out on offers and auctions. So for this session of ‘Bid Board Finds,’ I was shocked to see it on the bid board. The best part, it was hidden and part of a lot. The seller didn’t know what he had and buried it behind a card that at least to me was lesser. I also got some other cards that I truly enjoy.
So the card that I am talking about? A Nikola Vucevic autograph. I can spend days rationalizing that the card is nothing special but I see him as a rising superstars in the NBA. The Magic are a team on the rise and it was paramount to me that I get his autograph while his stock is low in the eyes of collectors.

For $4.50, I got some cards that I am excited about.
$3.25 for a 3 card basketball autograph lot. Tyler Zeller was the card covering the Vucevic card, and the final autograph being Orlando Johnson.
$1.25 for a Tom Savage booklet


Even though the autographs can be found for cheap, I love the ‘Rookie Inscriptions’ set. They are acetate and can be found in boxes of ‘Elite;’ a product that probably gave me one of my best box hits as a whole ever on my birthday – https://angrycardcollector.com/2015/11/09/random-review-birthday-box-donruss-elite-201213-basketball/

Angry #2: PWE mailing discussion

Last week, I triggered a Twitter discussion on receiving cards in plain white envelopes, note: for the rest of the article I will be referring to them as ‘PWE.’For the most part, I have no problem with receiving cards in PWEs. Most of the time they are protected and  shipping is free. My opinion has only been swayed because I saw first hand the dangers of PWEs, as seen in a previous post: Danger of Plain White Envelopes. If you are too lazy to click, here is a picture:

Plain White Envelope Danger-Daniel DuBay
Plain White Envelope Danger-Daniel DuBay

What I hate it buying from sellers who are misleading about it. If I have to pay any form of shipping over the price of a stamp, I am ‘angry.’ Most of the time, I begrudgingly do it because my budget forces me to be thrifty and I really want the card. Most of the time sellers are very transparent about sending cards in PWEs.
What triggered the Twitter discussion was the fact that I paid a dollar for shipping and the seller didn’t say anything about the card being shipped in a PWE.

I was also angry when the next day, a card that was free shipping arrived like this20160721_122827

That may seem like nothing but you could fit a finger through it. The point is, I am getting to the point where I am over PWEs. Most people that send them don’t know how to protect the cards. The few that do charge for shipping. If it is for a contest, fine. For the most part, I send cards in heavily protected PWEs, but if you are selling a card and I get an envelope like above, I am not buying from you again. PWEs are bad for sellers as much as buyers.

The discussion triggered a lot of responses. They ranged from: ‘I have no problem as long as the card wasn’t damaged” to “Block that person.” I am curious what you think?
I personally left the person that triggered the discussion good but nasty feedback. How would you have reacted?

This is what’s great about the hobby: SportsNerdz

Thanks to my active presence winner on Twitter, I have won a few contests – side note follow me and the site here if you don’t: https://twitter.com/angryccollector. These contests allow me to learn about some great people and websites. This time, I got a card from SportsNerdz.com; a website that has a lot of great sports content overall. Check them out. They are definitely worth a follow on Twitter, and not just because of their great contests – https://twitter.com/Sportsnerdz.


How was your day: Burbank Sports Cards

July is only two weeks old but I am ready for it to be over. Between an unexpected vet bill, constant rejections from jobs, and trying to keep a level head because of my PTSD; I have been pretty overwhelmed. On Tuesday, I had business in Burbank. So despite money being tighter than normal, I jumped at the chance to take time and visit one of the bigger card stops on the west best coast.

Burbank Sports Cards is 2 or 3 Freeways and about 35 miles from my home, depending on how much time you want to spend on the hellacious 5 freeway. I know for some of you 35 miles is nothing but in Los Angeles traffic, 35 miles is misery. Add this to the fact that my business was during peak rush hour and the car ride felt like an eternity.

After losing 5 pounds from sweat on the way there, I finally arrived at the nondescript building. Even with the GPS on my phone, I overshot the shop by a block. When I arrived at the shop, I was worried that I came after it closed. It wasn’t; they just have a unique entrance. You have to hit a buzzer for the door to unlock for you. Considering the inventory on the premises, an entrance like this is not surprising.

I don’t know what I was expecting. At first, I just saw a typical card shop with a ton of dollar boxes for you to go through; with hobby boxes in the glass underneath that they were sitting on. On the other side was more glass cases with hobby boxes and a selection of any type of sleeve, top-loader, or protection that you can dream of for your cards and memorabilia. I was the only customer in the shop at this time and the guy in charge, started talking with me. He took me in back and showed me the warehouse. To non collectors, all you would see boxes of cards, but what I saw made my jaw drop. Boxes upon boxes in aisle after aisle. All organized and all full of cards. It was a sight to see. Afterward, he took me to a computer back in the storefront and told me how I could browse. The computer was their storefront on Beckett.com. I had time to kill so I said ‘why not.’ Now this is where my only nitpick on the place comes in. I feel the store is best appreciated by a more educated collector. If you read their Yelp reviews, you will see the reviews are clearly populated by collectors without a knowledge of the hobby; this is actually true for every card shops Yelp that I have ever seen, but more so for Burbank Sports Cards. (Side note: I gave them a legitimate 5 star review on Yelp because my day was made from the visit.) I put in an order for a few cards for $15; hey I had to walk away with something. In the time it took to help another customer, my cards arrived to the front.

So there you have it. Next time, I am coming armed with a ton of cash and my want-list.

I only took a picture of the inside when you walk in because I didn’t see a good one floating online. For a picture of the warehouse, check out a great article by Sports Collectors Daily: http://www.sportscollectorsdaily.com/volume-business-keeps-burbank-sports-cards-busy/

Update, thanks to great Twitter users: When I printed my Beckett invoice from the shop, I was cut a great deal from the printed price. I wasn’t concerned because all their cards are the lowest priced anyway.


Random Review: 4th & Goal Blaster Box

It finally happened. A month after celebrating my college graduation, I finally opened 2 of the 5 boxes of cards that I got.
A family member picked up 2 boxes of a repack product from WalMart for me. The product is called ‘4th & Goal.’ It contains 8 football packs, with hobby packs being randomly inserted. The cost for the box is between $10 to $15 a box.


The person buying these boxes misread the box and thought that they were giving me a box with hobby packs. Unfortunately I didn’t hit anything. I didn’t much of anything. So lets move on to the junk inside.

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