Random Review: 4th & Goal Blaster Box

It finally happened. A month after celebrating my college graduation, I finally opened 2 of the 5 boxes of cards that I got.
A family member picked up 2 boxes of a repack product from WalMart for me. The product is called ‘4th & Goal.’ It contains 8 football packs, with hobby packs being randomly inserted. The cost for the box is between $10 to $15 a box.


The person buying these boxes misread the box and thought that they were giving me a box with hobby packs. Unfortunately I didn’t hit anything. I didn’t much of anything. So lets move on to the junk inside.

Both boxes had the exact same packs. The packs were cheap packs at that. The box says that you get ‘40% more value,’ but that is really debatable. The only pack that I would consider even mid end was a dollar store pack of Prestige.
2013 Prestige – Dollar Store pack
2015 Topps – Dollar Store pack
2-2013 Topps
2- 2014 Rookies & Stars
2-2015 Leaf Draft – clearly from the blaster boxes so the pack has no chance of yielding a hit

Moving onto what I pulled: 20160702_113602
Only 4 cards worth mentioning from the 2 boxes: a Kuechly mini, Bridgewater rookie card, McCoy Crusade insert, and Davis pink parallel to 399. On the plus side, I can flip the Leaf pre-rookies for a dollar each on Twitter, just kidding, kind of.

Overall, repack products are the definition of capitalism. They offer no value and are only good if you are desperate to kill a gift card. Unfortunately this is far from the last repack product that I will cover. In fact 2 of the remaining 3 boxes that I got for graduation are repack products.

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