Angry #2: PWE mailing discussion

Last week, I triggered a Twitter discussion on receiving cards in plain white envelopes, note: for the rest of the article I will be referring to them as ‘PWE.’For the most part, I have no problem with receiving cards in PWEs. Most of the time they are protected and  shipping is free. My opinion has only been swayed because I saw first hand the dangers of PWEs, as seen in a previous post: Danger of Plain White Envelopes. If you are too lazy to click, here is a picture:

Plain White Envelope Danger-Daniel DuBay
Plain White Envelope Danger-Daniel DuBay

What I hate it buying from sellers who are misleading about it. If I have to pay any form of shipping over the price of a stamp, I am ‘angry.’ Most of the time, I begrudgingly do it because my budget forces me to be thrifty and I really want the card. Most of the time sellers are very transparent about sending cards in PWEs.
What triggered the Twitter discussion was the fact that I paid a dollar for shipping and the seller didn’t say anything about the card being shipped in a PWE.

I was also angry when the next day, a card that was free shipping arrived like this20160721_122827

That may seem like nothing but you could fit a finger through it. The point is, I am getting to the point where I am over PWEs. Most people that send them don’t know how to protect the cards. The few that do charge for shipping. If it is for a contest, fine. For the most part, I send cards in heavily protected PWEs, but if you are selling a card and I get an envelope like above, I am not buying from you again. PWEs are bad for sellers as much as buyers.

The discussion triggered a lot of responses. They ranged from: ‘I have no problem as long as the card wasn’t damaged” to “Block that person.” I am curious what you think?
I personally left the person that triggered the discussion good but nasty feedback. How would you have reacted?

One thought on “Angry #2: PWE mailing discussion

  1. I ship PWE only for contests, cause it’s a free prize. If someone bought or traded for a card I would never ship that way or expect the same in return unless discussed way ahead

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