Random Review: Pack Rip #1

PackRip.com is the latest innovative card seller that has come up on my radar recently. They have piqued my curiosity because they check a lot of boxes regarding collectors needs. If you are unfamiliar with their product, they are on demand card packs.
It can be hard for some people to satisfy their appetite when they are hungry for cards. Lets face it, some people just aren’t close to a Target or more specifically a card shop; and if a hobby shop is not in their area, good luck finding hobby packs. They are forced to buy cards online or go the breaking rout. Breaking is fine but it lacks the guarantees and is a shot in the dark. Me personally, I would take a company like PackRip over breaking most of the time.
I have been dying to try the site but as this blog documents, funds on my end are severely limited. Fortunately I came into PackRip funds, so I was lucky enough to give it a try.
Now even without funds, the site offers a one time free pack. If you sign up today, you can find that free pack under the 2014 Topps Chrome Football. I took advantage of the free pack. The pack came without video, which I was fine with.



Now here is the thing, with the site, you get to keep all the key rookies but all the base are donated. At first I was hesitant about that, but no one is making money off base so I am not offended. Heck it saves on shipping, which is a $6 flat rate when you are ready.

I also opened a few other packs of a basketball product. I plan to open some more. This post has dragged on, so you will have to wait until Tuesday to see what I pulled from my basketball packs. Until next time. I will give some concrete opinions then, but I gotta be honest, I am leaning towards liking PackRip.

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