Random Review: Pack Rip #2 & Panini Crusade

My second foray into PackRip.com sees me going beyond the trial packs and actually testing out a product. I didn’t count how many offerings the site had, but I would be willing to be that it was probably close to a dozen or two dozen. My goals for this crusade was to open a pack that delivered on quality and had a video. I was looking for several things in the video: how long it was, if you saw the cards well, and if the pack opener talked at all. My main critique about breakers is that they linger when they open packs. Dude, just open the pack; we aren’t paying you by the hour.
I chose two packs of Panini Crusade Basketball from 2012-13 for $19.50. I am very familiar with this product, as my favorite hobby shop always has it in stock.  I was excited because I have been told of the hits that I have come out of the product. Like Certified, it has a hit per pack.

The video came up instantly after my purchase. It looks small in the screenshot, but it is clearly designed to be maximized for full screen use. The video was short and sweet, last a little over a minute. This is a not insignificant point to me and a major plus in my book. Still a little longer than I would take to open a pack but not much.


My hits sucked but that is not the fault of PackRip.com. The redemption was hard to read on the video but the person opening the pack was very clear in who it was. Another selling point is that you don’t have to watch the video if you don’t want to. You can just click the ‘Click to reveal your hits’ button.


Expect another post or two about PackRip.com. I am leaning towards doing a giveaway when I finish off my spending spree on the site, so sign up with them we can do some trading.

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