Bid Board Finds: One heck of a unique item

Since I have been doing the site, ‘Bid Board Finds’ has been one of my favorite segments to tackle. I have got a bunch of cool stuff: You never know what you are going to find week in and week out on the bid board of your card shop. This haul is no exception. I scored 3 items for $7.75. None of the items are low class, and in fact all 3 would probably be the best item of most of the ‘Bid Board Finds’ that I post about. I will be honest, I may have overbid on the first item because I wanted it so bad. It is not even a card and probably worth nothing but I don’t care because of how unique- at least for me as I will never think to check Ebay an item like this, or anywhere else. An ‘authentic meteorite.’ It is tiny, just bigger than the ballpoint of a pen.


The other 2 items are patches/prime jerseys from former Dodgers. My personal favorite is the Kevin Brown swatch as it came from a time when patch pieces were not a dime a dozen, plus it’s from Fleer. I also wasn’t collecting in 2002 as I was busy in high school, and running a successful music website that saw me go to a few concerts a week. 20160826_202448

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